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    SchoolTown is growing fast, winning awards and adding new partners and features. Check out how we are changing the landscape of digital learning.

    Thu, 03/24/2011
    School Town Presenting at Education Innovation Summit
    Mon, 09/13/2010
    School Town a Top 25 Startup
    Thu, 07/01/2010
    School Town Deploys SAS Curriculum Pathways, Professor Garfield in New York Schools
    Tue, 06/29/2010
    School Town Named Best Social Media Platform for Learning by Association of Educational Publishers
    Mon, 06/28/2010
    School Town - Rookie of the Year as a Best New Education Software Company
    Thu, 02/11/2010
    School Town Featured at Texas Computer Education Association Conference
    Wed, 09/23/2009
    MathMastery Picks School Town
  • Customer Quotes

    It's simple - SchoolTown customers perform better and achieve more. Here's proof.

    Customer Quotes

    “We‘ve collected much valuable content, but it’s like a library after an earthquake. Our challenge is organizing our content and deploying it to our teachers and learners. Unlike other systems, this platform is so easy to use that we can fully utilize all of our great resources with minimal downtime on internal training.”
    -- Stan Silverman, Director of Technology Based Learning Systems, NY Institute of Technology

 started with School
Town and the
 use it, the
love it.”

    — Patrick
 Staley, Teacher, VOISE Academy High School, Chicago, IL

    “School Town lets me teach twice as much. School Town extends the learning day and allows for students to advance topics from home. The next day we hit the ground running.”
    — Tom Samorian, Teacher, Shepard Middle School

    “School Town looks like a perfect fit for our training needs; we have a constant flow of updates and need to certify that our tech staff is up to date.
    — Marty Reader, EVP, Field Solutions Minneapolis, MN

    “School Town is a paradigm shift from traditional Learning Management Systems to a Student Learning System because it empowers students.”
    — Teh-Yuan Wan, Education Technology Director, NY Dept of Education

    “Our content is all about kids; everything we do is student-focused. School Town is extremely kid-friendly and is the ideal platform for Professor Garfield’s lessons.”
    — Bob Levy, Director of the Professor Garfield Foundation

    “SAS Curriculum Pathways on School Town is an ideal partnership. It combines our award winning content and School Town’s structured environment that encourages interaction.”
    — Colleen Jenkins, Education Industry Strategist, SAS Curriculm Pathways

    “If you’re considering an eLearning environment for your district, school or state/province you
    would be remiss if you didn’t check out School Town’s eLearning and Collaboration Platform. It
    really is student-centered! And I do believe it really would enhance learning in a powerful and
    cogent way! Well done School Town!”
    — Timothy Gard, Educator - Media Literacy & Technology, Toronto District School Board

  • Benefits

    Why choose SchoolTown? Because with SchoolTown, teachers are more productive and students are more engaged in learning. We make it easy for you to turn your classroom into a 21st-century learning community.


    SchoolTown is a 21st Century Student Learning Environment
    SchoolTown gives teachers and students a variety of tools that makes it easy to personalize learning and engage each student, from anywhere, anytime.

    SchoolTown connects and unifies educational resources
    SchoolTown’s connected platform helps districts leverage their investment in all their learning resources because Schooltown makes it easy for teachers to assign and distribute any content or URL, from any publisher or vendor, into a rich learning experience.

    SchoolTown makes it easy to create engaging multimedia learning experiences
    Like the conductor of a symphony, teachers use SchoolTown to coordinate any digital media and online resource needed to create and individualize instruction—multimedia, files, links, third-party curricula, and more—with just a few clicks of the mouse.

    SchoolTown empowers teachers
    Teachers select which SchoolTown applications are used for their class from popular web tools like chat, discussion boards, messaging, curricular links, and SchoolTown’s unique media library.

    SchoolTown fosters data-driven decision-making
    Teachers and administrators use SchoolTown to collect local data and monitor individual and group learning with real-time progress reports and performance graphs so that they can make decisions about learners and take action to personalize instruction.

    SchoolTown builds strong home-school connections
    Without any additional teacher effort, parents can log in to see their child’s assignments, announcements, performance, and teacher comments from home, office, or while traveling.

    SchoolTown enables dynamic 21st century learning communities
    With SchoolTown you can easily create and manage learning communities to deliver shared educational experiences within a classroom or across a district.

  • Docs

    Need some help spreading the word about SchoolTown? Download fact sheets and other documents to share with other decision makers.

  • Features

    Get organized. Set goals. Connect to your school community and to the community of educators beyond your school. E-mail, chat, blog, and surf the web. Do it all from your own secure SchoolTown desktop.


    Here are some of the features bundled into your SchoolTown desktop. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.
    Communication and Collaboration tools

    • Messages
    • Discussion
    • Chat
    • Blog

    Organization tools

    • Events
    • Calendar
    • Goals
    • Group Controls

    Learning tools

    • Assignments
    • Bookmarks
    • Media Library
    • Reports

    Plus, SchoolTown is flexible enough for you to easily add your own tools and features.

  • LMS Conversions

    SchoolTown has a conversion program that makes your switch to SchoolTown from Angel, Blackboard or Moodle easy and complete.

    LMS Conversions

    Contact the SchoolTown sales team to start developing your custom conversion plan. Call us toll-free at 877-755-8696.

  • Resources

    We SchoolTown folks are pretty smart about teaching and learning, especially because we know where to look for good ideas. We'd like to share some of our favorite web-based resources.


    IES What Works Clearinghouse
    The Department of Education has published a variety of compelling research papers. Sharnell Jackson co-authored the newly released guide "Using Student Achievement Data to Support Instructional Decision Making."

    ZD Net Christopher Dawson
    Christopher Dawson is the technology director for the Athol-Royalston School District in northern Massachusetts and a member of the Internet Press Guild.

    The US Department of Education website is loaded with information. We admire the great work from Arne Duncan and Jim Shelton.

    We admire the International Association for K-12 Online Learning and the great work that Susan Patrick and her team are doing.