• Concept

    The Marketplace is coming soon. It will be a part of our site where educators can search for content, a professional development course, or even buy a school sweatshirt to wear to Friday's big game. SchoolTown's Marketplace is like an old-fashioned swap meet where you'll find everything you need for teaching, learning, and school spirit.


    SchoolTown’s Marketplace will be a great place to browse. We suspect you’ll want to do more than just window-shop when you see all the great stuff you can get here. Not only will you find great lesson plans and ideas from other educators, but you’ll find ways to make the business of belonging to a school community easier to manage. Manage your spirit-wear store through SchoolTown's e-commerce platform and eliminate the staff or volunteer hours required to run a store on site. Run all your fund raising activities through SchoolTown, from book fairs to popcorn sales, and eliminate the paperwork and headaches so you have more time to do what you do best - teach.

  • Content

    Don't keep all your good ideas to yourself! Share your fabulous lesson plans and projects and borrow ideas from other educators through our ever-growing content library.


    There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. In SchoolTown, you can find knockout lesson plans and instructional materials from other fabulous educators like you. From early elementary through high school, from science to art, our content library is growing all the time.

    Of course, we know you reinvent wheels all the time- that’s part of the fun of teaching. Don’t keep your ideas to yourself! Share them in SchoolTown’s Marketplace so students and other educators can benefit from your creativity.

    If you are an administrator, our Marketplace can help you, too, with great professional development ideas. Here you’ll find ideas that have worked in other schools to inspire great teaching.