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    SchoolTown has a great cast of characters. You can check us out here. We look forward to meeting you in the real world!

    Our Team

    Michael A. Kritzman founded SchoolTown and serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer. Guided by his leadership and vision, SchoolTown is well positioned for explosive growth.

    Andy translates design concepts and ideas into an unbreakable and secure product architecture as he manages SchoolTown's product development organization.

    Dr. Kemi Jona is our eLearning visionary and guides SchoolTown product innovation. He is an Associate Professor of Learning Sciences at Northwestern University.

    Henry Joseph is Vice President of Services at SchoolTown. Mr. Joseph trains and supports our customers, designs and tests platform concepts for our technology team

    Scott Weinberg manages business development and relationships with foundations and corporate sponsors to advance teaching and learning initiatives.

    Mark Ruesink is the Chief Technology Officer responsible for technical innovation and product strategy. Mark is gifted with an ability to create applications from rough concepts.

    Matt Hochstein is a member of the SchoolTown sales team focusing on telesales. He holds teaching certificates in Social Studies in both Iowa and Illinois.

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